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Bryan Dshone - Bass - 11th HOUR

Bryan Dshone: Grew up in San Jose, California and attended Leland High School along with 13 years in the Army
Years Playing: 10
First Bass: Ibanez 4 string I got at the pawn shop for 100.00
Currently Playing: Fender American P-Bass/Jazz Bass
Former Bands: Dissolution, A Misfits cover band, Radix, Groundown, Necronom
Biggest Influences: Jerry Only Misfits/ Cliff Burton Metallica/ Stuart Hamm/ Fieldy Korn/ Duff GNR


During its conception, the band went through a number of metamorphosis until we obtained the perfect chemistry that our fans hear now when they come to a live show. We are like one big family, with everyone giving where they need to in all the right places.


Bryan Dshone - Bass - 11th HOUR