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Scott Bender - Drums - 11th HOUR

Scott Bender: Grew up in Bellevue, Washington and moved to
Las Vegas in July 2000

Years Playing: 20 years

First Kit: 4 piece Rogers Gold Sparkle

Currently Playing: Drum Workshop (DW) & Pearl drums,
Zildjian & Wuhan cymbals

Former Bands: Shatter Street / Held Under / Discovery,
Lithium Latte

Biggest Influences: Neil Peart / John Bohnham
Terry Bozzio / Tommy Lee

Scott: Very few bands are doing what we do, and we are finding out is a very strong demand for it. There are quite a few `Scream-o / Hard Core / Death Metal' bands in Las Vegas, but not enough 'Hard Rock' bands with melody and feeling to the music. 11th Hour is the complete package.


Scott Bender - Drums - 11th HOUR